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Once Upon a Time in TKK 2 PENABUR

Date: February 17, 2014 Author: dewisofa Categories: Events, News

On Saturday, 8 February 2014 TKK 2 PENABUR became a host for TKK 1, TKK 7 dan TKK 9 PENABUR on Road Show Smart Parenting 2014 event. In the same opportunity, we also held an Open House with “Once Upon a Time in TKK 2 PENABUR” theme.



“Once Upon a Time” which means “Pada Suatu Hari“ in Indonesian often used as an opening words when we (the parents and teachers) tell a story to our kids.


Our school also filled with story characters, such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Emilie and Bible characters. We put many helium balloons around corridors and halls. Those flying balloons were a parable of children’s world are full of imagination and happiness.


The Open House of TKK 2 PENABUR started with a seminar delivered by competent people in their field, like Mr. Hengky Solaiman and Mrs. Jenny Bernardus as our special guess and speaker. This event was also enlivened by magic show, fairy tales and performances from the kids.






Not only that, the children and their parents could also show their creativity by joining some competition, such as story telling, coloring, painting on lantern, singing with family. making visual aid for story telling and story character fashion show.