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Activity Report Of English For Fun TKK 2

Date: May 4, 2012 Author: admin Categories: Uncategorized

Where is thumbkin….Where is thumbkin…..Here I am……Here I am…..!! That was the song sung by one of the contestants from Playgroup. A big applause was given hilariously after that. What a good performance!!. TKK 2 held an English Competition for all the students, it was called English For Fun. There were 3 kinds of competition; Singing contest for Playgroup level, The Poetry Reading for level K1 and of course, did not want to be left behind, the Level K2, with their “Show and Tell”. There were also 3 optional materials of songs or themes of poems and stories for each Competition that can be chosen by the students when they performed such as Where Is Thumbkin, Baa Baa Black Sheep and Row Row Your Boat for the songs; One Little Flower, One Two Tie My Shoes and Hickory Dickory Dock (for the poems) and My Favourite Food, My Favourite Toy, and My Pet (for the themes of The Show & Tell). They should have prepared the material before at home.

After “a long journey of selection times” which were held on April 11th,13th and 18th, 2012. There were only 10 contestants from Playgroup, 10 contestants from K1 and 10 contestants from K2 appropriate to go to the Final Round. The contestants have passed the criterias such as Pronunciation, Intonation and also Supporting Tools for Poetry Reading and Show & Tell. For the Singing Contest there were also 3 criterias; the accuracy of tone, pronunciation and supporting tools.

In the Final of English For Fun Competition on April 20th, 2012, the contestants were directly scored by the juries. There were Ms. Minar (the Principal of PENABUR International Kelapa Gading), Ms. Amelia (the English Teacher from TKK Kota Wisata) and Ms. Kristina (the English teacher from TKK Bintaro Jaya). The contestants were all out, they showed their best performances, and of course the big applauses were given by the audiences.

Congratulations for all the winners and nominees!! And also a very big thanks to all the parents that have helped and prepared their children until they came to be the winners.


The Winners and Nominees of English For Fun:

A.Singing Contest (level Playgroup):

1st Winner: Rainer Sebastian
2nd Winner: Celia Cordelia Sumar
3rd Winner: Davin Louw
1st Runner Up: Gwyneth Hidajat
2nd Runner Up: Marsha Alinskie Surya
3rd Runner Up: Chrisilla Hong
Nominee: Naru Widjaja
Nominee: Jocelyn Olivia Triyanto
Nominee: Mahendra Kalyana
Nominee: Jeremy Oliver Kumaat



B. Poetry Reading (Level K1):

1st Winner: Amaris Williams
2nd Winner: Jason Anugrah Pranata
3rd Winner: Faith Anni Foo
1st Runner Up: Darren Tan
2nd Runner Up: Kioko Kimberley Christyanti
3rd Runner Up: Steven Christhoper Nielson
Nominee: Kleyton Jeremo Wong
Nominee: Frytzyhiel Chasadya
Nominee: Clinton Siman
Nominee: Bernice Gracia Gea



C. Show and Tell (level K2):

1st Winner: Eirene Theofilia Tony
2nd Winner: Audrey Kurniawan
3rd Winner: Jonathan Reyes Wiguna
1st Runner Up: Jessica Vallery Sumitra
2nd Runner Up: Chesya Ejoli
3rd Runner Up: Carlson Yeriel Pek
Nominee: Kevin Saputra
Nominee: Caithlyn Dayanne Darmawan
Nominee: Raymond Darryle Kosasih
Nominee: Felix Nathan