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The 68th Independence Day Competition at TKK 2 PENABUR

Date: September 12, 2013 Author: dewisofa Categories: Achievement, Events

In commemoration of Indonesia’s 68th Independence Day, TKK 2 PENABUR children supported this event by wearing red and white clothes on Tuesday, 19 August 2013. Before the children started their lesson, they had a solemn ceremony to honor and remember the patriots who passed away before us. Because of their services we are not at war and are able to go to school freely. The next event was to follow the race in each class. The children were so glad and excited to join the competition.


Here are some pictures of the Independence Day competition:

1. Kelompok Bermain – Flag running

2. TK A – Moving balls with rice ladle

3. TK B – Picking up red beans with chopsticks

Here are the winners:
1. KB
The winner Hillary Talia Wong (KB 2)
The first runner-up Vincentius Lieputra (KB 1)
The second runner-up Vincia Amanda (KB 2)
The third runner-up William Isaac Tjhie (KB 2)
The fourth runner-up Christabelle Andrea Putri Onsoe (KB 2)
The fifth runner-up Frances Ivana Natawidha (KB 2)

2. TK A
The winner Kevin Hanson (A3)
The first runner-up Nicholas Feivel Sudarno (A3)
The second runner-up Alethea Chastine Hartono (A3)
The third runner-up Nathania Raphael Yasha (A1)
The fourth runner-up Jovann Utomo (A1)
The fifth runner-up Dylan Alexius (A3)

3. TK B
The winner Wu Lan (B2)
The first runner-up Candy Virya Prasetya (B1)
The second runner-up Nicole Margaretha Levina (B1)
The third runner-up Angelina (B3)
The fourth runner-up Marsha Alinskie Surya (B2)
The fifth runner-up Vigilius Dion Gianta Lim (B1)