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Work Hard and Think Smart

Date: October 4, 2013 Author: dewisofa Categories: Events

Kindergarten 2 children had a field trip to Kidzania on 23 September 2013 . They can work as an adult there.


In this replica city, there are so many buildings that the children often see in their daily life, such as salon, hospital, airport, theater, industrial territory, supermarket, stores, bank, offices, gas station, bus stop, and so on.


We were happy to see the kids so exciting when wearing a uniform and work as doctors , nurses , tax officers , pilots , dentists , pizza makers , journalists , police , drivers , constructors , mechanic , hairdressers , pharmacists , advertisers , firefighters, and many more.


With this great concept, children were able to play while they were working and they could also see the process of making and packaging pizza, milk, nugget, tea, instant noodle, ice cream, wafer, coffee, yogurt, healthy drinks, chocolate, etc.



They worked very hard but their faces still looked happy and proud when their hard work rewarded with money or prizes.


Hopefully with this kind of activity, they can understand that it is difficult to make money when they do not have the passion for work and we hope they have a better appreciation to their parents who try to make a living to support the family .